To verify if your PV solar module has been reported and eligible for the coverage under the Manufacturer Corporate Insurance Policy underwritten (reinsurance/insurance) by Ariel Re (Lloyd’s syndicate 1910), please enter your serial ID number below or upload a .csv file to check the status. Click here to download a sample .CSV file.

Step 1: Choose a Manufacturer

Note : You can only search 20,000 serial IDs at a time


Ariel Re (Lloyd’s Syndicate 1910) confirms that the manufacturer of the PV solar module with verified serial ID is (re)insured as the Policyholder for warranty claims of solar modules listed in this database, according to the policy terms and conditions. This database is updated only an occasional basis and reflects accurate and complete information as of such date. Any revisions or changes in status after previous update will not be reflected in real-time. The accuracy and completeness of information cannot be relied upon between occasional updates.

If you have any questions on this verification, please contact your manufacturer or your Clean Energy underwriter at Ariel Re Lloyd’s Syndicate 1910.